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Re: Urgent calculation: design a construction lift

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    Re: Urgent calculation: design a construction lift....

    the construction lift is used in a building construction project. the construction will raise building materials from ground level to any height up to 12.2m. The life will be at the top of a rigid scaffold that is not a part of the design project. it will raise a load up to 3kN at the rate of about 20cm/s. the load will be on a pallet (1m x 1.5m) the construction site is powered by 3 phase AC current , 460 voltage with 60 hertz electrical power supply. the construction lift is used for 12 hour per day. the structure to support the life is considered to be rigid....
    based on the upper suituation...
    wat motor should i choose for this project ??
    3phase ac current with NEMA design D suitable for it??
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