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Reacting chloroammine gases with solid

  1. Jul 5, 2010 #1
    Hi all, I've been playing around with chloroammine gases and have been trying to react them with solids [with some success, but I don't think it is as efficient as I would like].
    I am producing a mixture of NH3, NH4Cl, NH2Cl, NHCl2. The ammonia I am not worried about, what I am wanting to do is react the chloroammine gases.
    I know 2NH4Cl + Na2CO3 -> 2NaCl + (NH3)2CO3
    But I don't know if the NH2Cl and NHCl2 are reacting with the sodium carbonate and/or sodium bicarbonate. Does anyone think they will and/or does anyone have any better suggestions for solid chemicals I could use in this case for reactions at STP?

    Thank you very much! :smile:
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