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Reaction Feasibility

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    I am planning to perform a reaction between "Sodium Thio sulphate and Hydrogen peroxide"

    Na2S2O3+2 H2O2---->1/2 Na2S3O6 + 1/2 Na2SO4 + 2 H20

    CAN ANY ONE TEL ME HOW THIS REACTION .....can be carried in the laboratory
    Is there any harmful effects with this reaction..?

    if so please let me know...ur views...

    Thank u
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    You would probably need a titration setup.
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    yeah... i have the Titration set up ... but the problem is if i perform this experiment with normal operating conditions will be there be nay problem..?? Any precautions should be taken while dealing with Sodium thiosulphate and Hydrogen peroxide..???
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    There should not be anything major, however you should still consult with literature and MSDS for the experiment.
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