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Homework Help: Reaction time of Light Dependant Resistors

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    I am doing this bit of work on the reaction time of Light Dependant Resistors (LDR's) with different frequencys of light and i need to be able to get a graph out of it and im not sure what to do for it. i was thinking of plotting reaction time vs. frequency but apart from making a graph and getting no information out of it i have no idea what to do. I need to have an answer by tomorrow so any help anyone can give would be good.
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    Nice I did not know about these until this thread. Well you have to factors, frequency and the light intensity hitting the LDR. So you could plot the surface of resistance created by light intensity, and frequency.

    I do no know how interesting this is though. What is this for? Robotics class? Physics lab? EE class/project? Capstone?
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    its for Advanced Level Physics. i now know what im doing im plotting 1/frequency vs. reaction time at different frequencys of each wavelength of light
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