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Homework Help: Reaction Time

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    The reaction time of an automobile driver is about 0.7 s. (reaction time is interval between the perception of a signal to stop and the application of the brakes). If an automobile can slow down with an acceleration of -4.0 m/s^2. compute total distance convered in coming to a stop after a signal is observed (a) from an initial speed of 6.7 m/s in a school zone; (b) from an initial speed of 24.6 m/s.

    (a) So I know that [itex] v_{x} = 0, v_{x}_{0} = 6.7 m/s, a_{x} = -4.0 m/s^{2} [/itex]. So would I first find time by using [itex] 0 = 6.7 - 4t [/itex] or [itex] t = 1.675 s [/itex]. Then would I add 0.7 seconds to that to get total time? And then use [itex] x = x_{0} + v_{x}_{0}t + \frac{1}{2}a_{x}t^{2} [/itex]. I think something is wrong, but ont know what.

    Any help is appreciated

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    This seems like the exact solution method. Why do you think it is wrong?
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