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Reaction with a smaller equilibrium constant?

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    How does a reaction with a large equilibrium constant compare to a reaction with a smaller equilibrium constant?
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    Keq=[products]/[reactants] Im sure you probably have seen this before. If the Keq is bigger for one reaction than the Keq for another reaction what does this say about the relationship between the products and reactants for each reaction?
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    . . . That the one reaction has a larger ratio of products to reactants than the other reaction . . . I don't know, that's kinda what I was asking you . . .
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    Well you kind of just gave yourself the answer. If K is the equilibrium value of the reaction, and something with a larger K has a larger ratio of products to reactants that means that the equilibrium lies more on the right side (product) of the reaction. That is one of the things that the size of K tells you. Where the equilibrium of the reaction lies.
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