Reaction with Grignard Reagent

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In summary, a Grignard reagent is an organometallic compound used in organic synthesis reactions. It is prepared by reacting an alkyl or aryl halide with magnesium metal in anhydrous ether. When working with Grignard reagents, it is important to take precautions as they are highly reactive and sensitive to moisture and air. In industry, Grignard reagents are commonly used in the synthesis of complex organic molecules and in the production of polymers.
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TL;DR Summary
What product will be formed when reacted with Phenylmagnesium Bromide if the competition is between a carbon-oxygen double bond and a carbon-carbon double bond(as shown in figure)?
This is the given reaction:

Where will the reaction take place - at ketone or at alkene? And why?
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This sounds like a homework problem. Please note that we don’t provide answers to homework problems here, and that you’re not likely to receive positive feedback unless you show at least an attempt at a solution.

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