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Reactor Coolant

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    First Post :smile:

    What type of Coolant is currently used in Navy Nuclear reactors?

    I have searched on google and came up with 2 things, Lithium Hydride and Pure Water pressurized to 2200+ PSI. Is there anything else used as a coolant?

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    The reactors are special types of Pressurized water reactor. The coolant contains lithium hydroxide (not lithium hydride) to optimize the pH for minimizing corrosion of the core and primary cooling circuit components.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    Do you know approximately what the boiling point of the coolant is?
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    At the pressure (absolute) of 2200 psia (15.16 MPa), the saturation temperature is approximately 647°F (341.7°C). So if the temperature of the fuel cladding reaches this temperature, the one can get onset of nucleate boiling, while the bulk coolant temperature is slightly below saturation temperature.
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