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Read this introduction

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    hello, ma name is phayoo from nigeria, studying physics and industrial physics, majoring in nuclear physics and elctronics, i would like to get to know like minded physicsts(or potential ones) share ideas and have fun/
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    Welcome to PF!

    Take some time to read the PF guidelines and enjoy the site.
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    Read it
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    Read it. whats next?
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    That great, thanks.

    We get a lot people here who post initially not having read the guidelines ( I was guilty of that too ). The key points are we don't discuss personal theories or speculative science as that gets into useless and unproductive discussion/arguments that can confuse students posting here.

    The other key point is that we can help with hints to homework once we see the work the student has done but we can't provide the answers or do the homework as is often requested.

    Enjoy the site.
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    Read it. whats next?
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    ok thanks
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