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Read yahoo groups

  1. Sep 22, 2005 #1
    I come to read yahoo groups sometimes,
    but don't know what groups are more active.
    If yahoo people have time, why not do jobs like bringing up groups that are active during the day, the ones with more posts, not arranging them depending on the number of members,

    There are groups with less members but they post daily whereas a lot of them with a buch of member but some posts only in...a month.

    Make it more easy for readers to read please...
    And please forget about securing the site since VIPs like me can not come in if you are not there to open the gates! :blushing:

    Yay, yeah, yahooooo
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    I agree. Maybe it has something to do with Yahoo's subscriber-maximizing mentality but I can't be sure.
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