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Reading books

  1. Mar 14, 2005 #1
    Just a general question.

    I've been reading books generally these days, whether it be general literature or science textbooks. What is strange (or not) is that i have come to prefer black and white books rather than colour books. Actually, I'd come as far to say that colour books sometimes make my eyes hurt.

    What colour do you prefer your books?
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    I'm almost positive I'm not understanding something about the question What other colors are books other than black and white? Do you mean something other than the text itself?
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    Yeah I was wondering the same thing.
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    Sorry, i miswrote the question. Yeah, im specifically talking about scientific diagrams, visual expalnation of physical processes etc.
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    Oh, the pictures in the books! :biggrin: I like a little of both. There are things that are easier to illustrate with some judicious use of color, but sometimes the color is overdone and serves no function. I prefer black and white unless color serves an actual function (like too many lines in a graph where different types of dashes are harder to distinguish than multiple colors).
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    Im one of those sore crutches who likes their books with small font and no pictures at all!!! just kidding hehe.

    Illustrations are a good change of pace, especially if you get annoyed with The Sound and the Fury and it's blasted forever-run-on-sentences.
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    I like pictures when they are relevant, but an over use of pictures breaks away from the flow imo.
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    Some modern US textbook are full of diagrams and pictures in the margins in colored inks. Ths is supposed to help, but I'd rather they just cut to the chase. It took me years to really get into MTW's Gravitation because of the constant attempts to illustrate differential forms and such.
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    Yeah, black and white is all me.
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    i like colored pictures a lot sometimes... especially when i don't feel like actually reading. Sometimes i'll get a book and only look at the pictures, and the notes with them. when i was trying to understand the doppler effect, i didn't get it at all till i looked a picture. I can definetly appreciate a good visual....
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    The books I tend to read start off black-and-white, and becomed colored after I apply my crayons.
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