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Reading from file

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    hi want to read the rows of a matrix from a file which are written in the following way :

    (2:1,3), (4:3,1), (2:1,8)

    i am working in java, i am not able to figure out how to do this using bufferedreader :(

    can someone help?

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    What is the exact meaning of the syntax (2:1,3) etc?
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    (2:1,3) represents 2,1 and 3 elements of a row. ":" and "," are just the delimiters, my task is to separate the integers from these delimiters
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    Ok got it. The row element delimiter can be either "," or ':". They are equivalent and they have no other special meaning.

    Just to confirm then, in your example you're inputting a 3x3 matrix like the matlab equiv of [2,3,1; 4,3,1; 2,1,8]

    Code (Text):

    2 3 1
    4 3 1
    2 1 8
    I'm no expert on java, but if you cant find any easier method then you could always use "bufferedreader.readln()" to read the entire line as a string and then just go through it character by character. Parsing from first principles as it were.
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