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Reading Glare

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    I have a problem with reading... I notice that most lighting in combination with my books/textbooks really generates an awful glare. I know I can just tilt the book.. but in the case of a larger text book this is often a problem (even if I put something underneath to tilt it). Anyone know of any other solution(s).
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    Oh God i've had that problem too with one of my text books! I'd like to know how to avoid this problem as well .
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    I used to have that problem when I was still a student too. It would really give me some nasty eye strain. About the best you can do is use indirect lighting...lights that shine against the walls or ceiling, not directly onto your books. Other than that, the only cure I know of is to graduate so you don't have to read so many shiny-paged textbooks anymore.
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    Yeah, I'm not a fan of shiny pages either.

    I think the publishers/manufacturers should look into this.
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    =-( ..... hmmm
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    Use older texts.

    They're usually better anyway.
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    You can use daylight bulbs instead of regular ones, they reduce glare and supposedly provide a light better suited for reading or close up work. The only problem IMO is they make everything a little bluer. :uhh:
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    I don't like those bulbs. They don't seem as bright, and yes, everything looks blue.
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