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Reading material re space/time

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    as title..
    are there any books with recent info re. current thinking about space/time..origin, structure etc...

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    I think it owuld be helpful if you were more specifc as to what you wanted, the origin and strucutre of the cosmos is the realm of comsology, so are you looking for an introductory text on cosmology , if so what level? a layman paperback, a introductory text book or adavance text book?
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    i am a 3rd year uni astronomy..
    sorry about the vagueness..
    i am interested in books that are exploring/introducing ideas re origin of space/time..
    esp ideas that try and explain weather space time is emergent.

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    thanks for the info..
    its the same problem i am finding re get all info...the field is moving so quickly and floridly that within months there is further contribution..
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    Try these authors:
    MArtin Bojowald, Alan Guth, Sean Caroll, Lee Smolin, Neil Turok, Alex Vilenkin, Loenard Susskind, Richard Gott, Roger Penrose.
    they all have some interesting and often conflicting ideas about these origins questions.
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