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Reading Speed

  1. Mar 6, 2006 #1
    what is your reading speed??

    And if by the way,it is high..what factors are responsible for that..

    Have you ever seen anyone having a reading speed of 3000 or more than that....i dont know how thats possible,,doesn't it mean the person has enormous control over his mind..
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    First of all: Most people don't time when they read stuff. Usually, they are too into the material to even think about that, and when they do, they forget the content and get angry, like me.

    I don't think reading fast has anything to do with 'control over the mind'. What is 'controlling over the mind' mean scientifically anyway? Its a matter of reading more books to train yourself to become a 'fast' reader.
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    Bladila,,i can actually give you an example...like i am sure Les,,since he is doing meditation for 30 years would be having higher reading speed along with higher comprehension..thats just my intution because atleast i am sure that his mind would not be giving him Luxury of unwanted thoughts much...

    And i belive that if person is having such phenomenal reading speed then there is something really different..
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    The question you asked was:

    I don't know any 'les' other than 'Les Sleeth'. You are presuming he has 'fast reading speed' which is based on just on your intuition. Just with what evidence are you claiming that he is reading fast here?

    Lets say for the sake of argument, that your intuition is right.

    Your reply:

    Doesn't that answer your own question?
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    Bladila,,Truth is i don't know and you don't know so lets know from others what they know..
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    In a 'speed reading test', I got 367 wpm. I'm probably faster, as I've heard, it's just kind of annoying reading something while you're trying to go as fast as you can and its completely uninteresting to you...
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    The fastest reader I know of is Kim Peek. He was the guy they based the movie "Rain Man" on. I saw a show on him and they interviewed his father. His father claims he reads both pages of a book simultanelously with each eye reading a page. As I recall he could read both pages in around 10 seconds. What's most remarkable is he has total recall of what he read.

    Just a little background on him
    http://www.wisconsinmedicalsociety.org/savant/kimpeek.cfm [Broken]
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    That's not an example, that's unsubstantiated conjecture. What reason would you have to think meditation would in any way be correlated to reading speed?
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    i think thats logical and see this way/...
    Meditation =>Mental Peace =>higher concenteration =>lesser effort in reading =>more speed........:biggrin:

    I can be wrong but the ball is in the court of Les Sleeth,,he will prove me wrong or right,,

    Rubey...thats exciting information:cool:
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    No, I think the ball remains in your court to back up your claim with some real evidence, not wild speculation.
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    This is not a wild speculation....you are an biologist ,,think it over..you will realise that...
    There are different kind of mental states you must have observed and there are some mental states which promote effective comprehension and i think Meditation unobjectively enhances that...

    By the way what is your reading speed??
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    I have never seen anything that corelates meditation with faster reading. I agree with Moonbear. One person's reading speed would be meaningless anyway.
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    I have to agree with this in principle. Meditation does indeed sharpen your mental faculties. I'm sure an experienced meditator could read much faster and retain more than they did prior to starting the practise. Thing is, speed reading, or rushing to get anything done, is exactly the sort of thing you no longer care for after meditating for a while.
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    Depends, I usually read very slowly when doing math/problems, and just skim when I read over books that I could care less about it. Also, why does reading speed matter, I know many people who read really fast, and then when are asked a question about what they read have no idea.
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  17. Mar 9, 2006 #16
    nobody said anything about their reading speed...isn't there anything penetrating about reading speed..
  18. Mar 9, 2006 #17
    I don't know about that...my Grandmother is one of the smartest people I know and she's in her 70's. She isn't a fast reader but you'd be hard pressed to find someone who has read more than she has in her lifetime as she's always reading something. She reads every night until about 2AM, gets up at 9AM, and does it again that same night. I'd say, at her age, that's a pretty good amount of control she has there.:rofl:

    As for me, though, it depends upon what I'm reading and how interested I am. It also depends upon my frame of mind-- if I'm tired, I can't read period. If my mind feels "sharp" that day, probably pretty fast, not lightning quick but it works. On average, though, my reading speed is, at least to me, pretty slow. I'm stressed out a lot so reading has become a hassle for me...I've gotten so bad that I'm actually worried.:frown: (Noises distract me, doors shutting, etc. My own thoughts even distract me...:bugeye: )

    However, it took me less than a week to read the 6th Harry Potter book (652 pgs.) and about the same amount of time to read the other larger ones like Order of the Phoenix (870 pgs.) and the Goblet of Fire (734 pgs.). Oddly enough, Angela's Ashes (368 pgs.) took me about two or three months...hated McCourt's style of writing.:rofl:
  19. Mar 9, 2006 #18
    Cool test.:smile:

    182 wpm - 82% comp

    Not great but not too bad I suppose...:redface:
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    The movie RainMan projected kim peek in the movie as Raymond who remembers everything he reads,has a very high processing power but nowhere its revealed in a way that he has highest reading speed in the movie that way.....
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  21. Mar 9, 2006 #20
    The character of Raymond wouldn't have to be exactly like this Kim Peek person, just similar as it's said that he was the inspiration behind the movie. Apparently, it's not that far fetched; someone else heard the same thing here. You'll have to register/log in to read the post if you're interested.
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