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Reading your own years-old threads

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    I was browsing through 4-5 years old threads started by myself, and reading them, just for the sake of it. I can't believe I was that ignorant, and that dumb sometimes. Its embarrassing to read some of the replies I made back then, how could I not get it still? But, I also find some of my replies more clever, and witty, back then than I write these days. The most weird thing is Its like reading somebody else's writing, because I have long forgotten most of it. Of course, for many of you guys, who have always been awesome, it might be boring seeing the same old awesomeness. :)

    Do you people ever do that? Read your old posts. If not, you might give it a try, its fun. :)
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    I always feel good after getting any physics papers done but a couple of months later while reading any of them again, I always feel bad and dumb about my own writings.
    :DD It's all over anyway.
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    I have mixed feelings about things I wrote years past.

    My mother recently sent me letters I wrote to her in the first year after I moved out on my own. My god I was a clever writer back then, nothing like the just-the-facts type of writing I do now! I suppose it's the consequence of years of technical writing in my schooling and my career.

    I kind of miss being able to write like that, honestly.
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    I read some of my older threads from my high school days. I wish I hadn't.
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