Reading your own years-old threads

In summary, the speaker reflects on reading their old posts and feeling embarrassed by their past ignorance and dumbness. They also mention finding some of their past replies clever and witty. However, they feel like they are reading someone else's writing because they have forgotten most of it. The speaker suggests others try reading their old posts for fun, but they also have mixed feelings about their past writing. They mention receiving letters from their mother and realizing they used to be a clever writer, but now focus more on technical writing. They express a longing to be able to write like they did in the past.
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I was browsing through 4-5 years old threads started by myself, and reading them, just for the sake of it. I can't believe I was that ignorant, and that dumb sometimes. Its embarrassing to read some of the replies I made back then, how could I not get it still? But, I also find some of my replies more clever, and witty, back then than I write these days. The most weird thing is Its like reading somebody else's writing, because I have long forgotten most of it. Of course, for many of you guys, who have always been awesome, it might be boring seeing the same old awesomeness. :)

Do you people ever do that? Read your old posts. If not, you might give it a try, its fun. :)
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I always feel good after getting any physics papers done but a couple of months later while reading any of them again, I always feel bad and dumb about my own writings.
:DD It's all over anyway.
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I have mixed feelings about things I wrote years past.

My mother recently sent me letters I wrote to her in the first year after I moved out on my own. My god I was a clever writer back then, nothing like the just-the-facts type of writing I do now! I suppose it's the consequence of years of technical writing in my schooling and my career.

I kind of miss being able to write like that, honestly.
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I read some of my older threads from my high school days. I wish I hadn't.

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