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Real Analysis Book Choice

  1. Mar 24, 2012 #1
    I am currently planning to get a book on Real Analysis for self
    studying before diving into my 4th year real analysis course.
    The standard textbook for my 4th year course is Stein's Measure,
    but I do not like much about abstract measure introduced near the end.
    Perhaps because I am currently taking 3rd year real analysis course
    in the level of Pugh with some other additional materials.

    Anyway, I am considering one of the followings:
    Folland - Real Analysis
    Bruckner, Bruckner, Thomson - Real Analysis
    Yeh - Real Analysis
    Kantorovitz - Introduction to Modern Analysis
    (and maybe Cohn - Measure Theory)

    (Note: Royden is omitted because I am waiting for 2nd printing
    and waiting so that I can get it cheap from some website
    (like abebooks), so 12 pages of erratas are all fixed)

    Which book do you think is most suitable for self-study?
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