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Real effort in RFP

  1. Jul 4, 2013 #1
    This is for the meaning of RFP.
    When I could land on a job in my current company, I was thinking the guy who could make the *proposal* to get a win in a bidding process might probably have made a great deal of effort because I was sent a *XXX RFP* to read up on during my first days at work. I thought that RFP was made by him, how amazed I was! But later on I have realized his English use makes a huge difference, his English is not that good. I was totally mistaken. But I did thank him for his effort (as I was told) in having been able to get the project proposal accepted by our client and we have got a job to do with the assigned tasks in the project.
    For a software project proposal, what actually does one usually do to make it ?

    My knowledge about this is that once our company would want to get trust from a particular client, we meet with them, discuss with presentations to clarify our objective and offer possible solutions to their current problems that they desire to fix. They will then simply select one among several candidates to get their systems done in some fashion per their request. But in my current case, I have no idea about the real role of the guy as said. I don't think I am a too grateful guy to partial contributor in actuality. I need to clarify that I am not setting my heart on an average manager!

    Could you tell me about this proposal I need to understand (what if I have to make one in the future in another company, for instance) ?
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