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Real world applications of Metal Storm

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    If anyones ever heard of it... its a multi-barreled system that can fire upwards of 1,000,000 rounds per minute. It can be fitted with different types of barrels to fire anything from bullets to 40mm grenades.

    So what are the real world applications? They say they can setup a few and cover a huge area and just annihilate anything that walks in there (such as a tank column/division/whatever... i forget the #'s associated with each) after verifying it using cameras in the field (so you dont send 100 40mm grenades at a woman walken to town or something ) i believe. Whats is this a really neat idea for the military or just a crazy kids idea come to life.
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    first we should test it in iraq :wink:

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    "1,000,000 rounds per minute" sounds like an unreasonable amount of firepower, especially since there are missiles designed to destroy targets such as tanks.
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    Yah but this is cheap and can be used like a mine field supposedly.... so u dont need an aircraft standing above a field 24/7 :D
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    i think its completely useless, but it wont always be. Its like metalstorm is to the musket as ?????? is to the mini gun. If they could compact the ammo, or shoot something lighter with less volume......success.
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    That's not what it means. It means it fires a couple of bullets at the same time. If I hold 2 hand guns and fire them at exactly the same time, I can claim infinite rounds per minute.

    [tex]rpm = \frac{bullets}{\Delta T}[/tex]

    [tex]rpm = \frac{2}{~0}[/tex]

    rpm = omfg infinite bullets per minute!!!!111

    I don't see how firing from multiple barrels is impressive.
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    no you couldnt claim that. you would be firing two uzis with 700rpm each. Each one* of these multibarreled metalstorm guns fires rounds with high rpm's per barrel, i dont know what it is but its high. and

    [tex]rpm = \frac{bullets}{~60 seconds}[/tex]
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    We used to call these things "shotguns."
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