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Real World For Scientist ( Jobwise)

  1. Sep 8, 2010 #1
    Hi, I am about to make one of the biggest decisions in my life I love physics furthermore, I am in love with nuclear physics and the quantum field and.. I want to major in that ( doing 2 majors) but the problem I have is .. what sort of job can I get after finishing a degree like that? will I starve ? I already possess a degree in Audio Engineering.. which is a total crap, mostly is directed to the creative media business and I feel is a hollow waste of time, I entered expecting more physics... but for my surprise it was more about music. Anyway i want this so bad.. but I'm afraid I wont get a job. What do you guys recommend what are your experiences? I live in New Zealand by the way.. and I'm very keen to live anywhere else.. pardon my english I'm a native spanish speaker.

    Thank You!!!
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