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Reality: a Limit, or a Exponential?

  1. Jan 1, 2007 #1
    Reality: a Limit, or a Exponential??

    hi there, i've been thinking about this stuff, and i'm triyng to take some conclusions, and problaby you could help me out...

    My main point is: can we say that "the true", "perfect sistem" or "Etics" are examples that matematics can be aplied to in philosopy, I mean, can "the true" be a limit?? like, we can always try to reach it, but we can never actually reach it. because i'm about to think that it really happens, because from what i've seen, for example, we are always saying(in matter of science) that we are researching more than we used to be in the past, but the more we research, the more we need to research...it's a limit...right??

    basically my main question is: what can we use to "represent" The reality of human Evolution and Laws of Nature? a limit situation? or a exponential one?

    Thanks in advance, and hope this subject makes lot of discution....:P
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