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Reality and energy

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    I have certain beleives on reality and i was wondering about others view on exactly what reality is. i beleive that what we see has reality is a physical representation of energy and that when one can do flips or any other physical or mental ability that is "imposiable" is because they have honed their own energy to do that and that any rule like gravity that aplies to reality actualy can be broken if the proper will,energy and training.

    I would apreciate this imensly if i could get some others views on this for i am researching into the subject imensly.
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    To add on to....

    The proper name for the energy that one has is known as Chi the energy body
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    Doing flips does not violate the laws of physics - it exploits them. The outward force is temporarily greater than the force of gravity - just like jumping up and down. Its pretty well understood and predictable - no additional mysterious forces are required.

    As for reality, I'm of the opinion that ultimately existence as a whole might have no further description than that *it is*. The best and most wide-ranging theory of everything we have seems to be M-theory, which is just in its infancy. Everything is vibrations of different frequencies on bits of 'string' and 'branes'.
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    While some people can do seemingly amazing things using chi i would not call it breaking reality. That brigs to mind magic and chi is not magic. Controlling and maniplulating energy is something we do everyday such as turning on a light. Chi is no different. It may not be scientific but it is part of reality.
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    The 'chi' interpretation of those forces is not scientific, but there is no violation of the known forces.
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    If chi is manipulated in the right way the "laws" of physics can and have been broken it just takes a large amount of training and focus combined with will of the one using the chi and the "rules of existence" can be broken
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    Is that statement based on actual evidence in any way?

    These 'chi-masters' ought to be pretty famous, powerful and perhaps wealthy with these superhuman powers. They could go around fighting crime like spiderman or feed the poor by winning kung fu competitions.

    Don't tell me... they're too humble for all these thing so they keep their powers secret. Should have known. So how do you know all about this?
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    Play nice, Mumeishi :wink:.

    Wolf, could you perhaps give a specific instance, of when a person has defied the laws of physics? Also, I wish to point out that the term "laws" is misleading, since they are really descriptions (or, rather, "prescriptions") of the way things in the Universe ought to work, based on empirical reasoning.

    The Universe does not obey these "laws", they just explain how the Universe already is. Therefore, if someone is capable of doing something, then it is allowed for by the "laws of the Universe" by default, since the fact that it happened makes it "possible".
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    Oh, btw, welcome to the PFs, Wolf. :smile:

    It's good to have you here.
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    Good reply Mentat. You took the words right out of my mouth. While chi may not be explained or even acknowledged by science it obviously can not do the impossible and break the laws of physics. What can be done and has been done using chi or any other force has to be within the bounds of physics. We may not understand exactly how, what, where, or why and it may not agree with our preconceived notions of what physics is; but, if it can be done and it is real then it must fall within the laws of physics. We may have to change our description of those laws to take in and account for Chi but that is does not mean that the actual laws are broken just our understanding of them.
    Some examples:

    A small child lifting a grown man up off the floor.

    Two weight lifters unable to lift the same man up off the floor.

    Two strong men unable to bend the arm at the elbow of one man.

    Walking on broken glass, breaking cement blocks and planks.

    A small woman holding a large man down on the floor with just the edge her hands.

    The list goes on and on. Some I have seen with my own eyes, some I have read about. I have done a few things myself that defy common, western, sense and science. I have written here about one experience of making the temperature of my hand read 108 degrees F. by will alone.

    Try this: pinch and flick your ear lobes. Then make a circle with you thumb and second finger by placing the finger tips together. Have some one try to pull them apart. It should be fairly easy to do.
    Now carress and pet your earlobes for a few seconds. Be nice to them and then do the same thing with your fingers. It should be much harder if not impossible for the same person to now pull your fingers apart. This has worked for everyone that I have seen try it reguardless of background or training. If it works for you please explain why to me. I'd really like to know.
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    I seen Shaolin monks perform some pretty amazing stuff too.

    All this stuff comes down to technique, leverage and so on. There are also people who have been impressing people for thousands of years with their apparently superhuman abilities - they are called 'illusionists'.

    How do you know the weight-lifters were really trying? How do you know the child was unaided? Are you sure the situation was the same - same position, leverage etc?

    Walking etc on sharp objects is done by spreading the weight evenly and being extremely gentle. Its probably not very comfortable, but if there are enough points of contact, the skin will not be penetrated. We're not made of butter.

    Breaking blocks and planks is not superhuman. Its just technique. They teach it in karate classes.

    The last one sounds like aikido. I've seen a frail old master holding down a much larger and younger student with a couple of fingers. Admittedly, i think the student wasn't trying all that hard, but it can be done and it is accomplished by continually adjusting the opponents balance, when he is at his weakest position, so that the act of getting up, literally never gets off the ground.

    It's amazing what can be accomplished with good technique - a hard punch can be deflected with a flick of the wrist and a large man can be defeated by a small woman.
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  13. Nov 21, 2003 #12
    How do I know? I don't. I just told you some of what I've seen. It is not all a matter of leverage and technigue other than the technigue of controling chi, wieght, connection with the earth and making the skin inpeneraterable.
    The was a blound haired caucation from Jacksonville, NC. I think he was a Marine or former Marine wh was a sensi at a karate dojo there. The were at a tournament and he gave a few demonstrations. He was 5'10" or so and not a big man but not small. He walked out into the middle of the gymnasium floor and call out two (Now that I've thought more about this) small children about six years old and held his hand out from his sides and told the children to pick him up. They each took a hand and lifted him up as high as they could with their hands up over their heads. He told them to take away and hold up one of their hands and they did this. The man probably weighted around 180 and here he was being held up off the floor by one hand of two six year old on either side. I agree that the weight lifter who latter tried to lift him up off the floor but couldn't could be faking it but I don't think that they would do that under those circumstances.
    reguardless there was no way to fake the two children lifting this grown man up.
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    As I said, people have been doing tricks which would appear pretty much identical to that for centuries. You cannot assume that things are as they appear to be. There is not a single documented case of someone being able to use 'chi' to alter their weight by a single gram.
  15. Nov 21, 2003 #14
    It's also interesting that the styles which win these big prize-winning free-style competitions are not traditional, chi-wielding kung-fu or karate masters, but fit, talented, progressive and highly trained pragmaticists: Jeet June Do, Vale Tudo, shoot-fighters, Cuban boxers etc. Of course the traditional guys who can't compete will have their excuses why they are 'above' such competitions.

    Although these competitions are not real street fights, they are the nearest thing to streetfighting under observervable conditions.

    Personally I've trained in several different martial arts over the last ten years in this order: Northern Mantis Kung-fu, Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Kicj-boxing, Jeet Kune Do. Yes, I could even 'feel a ball of chi between my palms' when guided to do so by one Sifu in Kowloon Park, Hong Kong. But, I'm not naive enough to assume that's what I was really feeling.
  16. Nov 21, 2003 #15

    you are right that was the point i have been inching towards that the curent 'laws' need to be better defined and yes i do have proof of these things happening that poroblem i have with proving it is that i live in dartmouth nova scotia canada if i could meet you then i could prove to you that that is all posiable through focusing of your chi the reason people like me who can manipulate there chi in such a way to do the 'imposiable' is that well what happens to a kid in school who is smarter then the rest of the kids by far...... he is outcasted he is treated diferently people start tp use him......what hapenes to the guy or girl that is straonger then all the other's....theyer outcasted the only way people like me who can do what we do to live in society is to hind our ability....'the sly eagle hides it's tallons' we are forced by the way society acts to hind what we can do so we are not feared or outcasted and even used if people like me went around all the time doing these things then what would haeppen we would be watched more closely by people some would even not go near us or talk to us even trust us because our ability exceed the 'norm' so we hide and create groups of people that can do the same thing as us how do you think secret martial arts where created some people who did not want to take there ability public but wanted to be with others like them created there own secret groups martial arts means inm french 'special arts' that to me is the truest defination i have ever heard about it because that is what it is it just depends on how time and focus is put into it example i have been training for 6 years and yet i have 3 black belt's and can use my chi in way's that grand master's can but the grand master's have been training for over 30 years and yet me only 6 that is due to the amount of focus i have put into it argo explaining what i said about we all have chi but the more focused it is the better we are if you have any other qustion for me about chi be my guest and post them

    p.s. thank you to the people who have welcomed me i am happy to be here
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    Welcome Wolf!

    Now prove it!
  18. Nov 21, 2003 #17
    prove what

    you have not asked me a question
  19. Nov 21, 2003 #18
    You're claiming to have superhuman powers beyond that acknowledged or understood beyond normal science or society. The onus is on you to prove it. Otherwise why should anyone be impressed by your talk?
  20. Nov 21, 2003 #19
    The Claim

    I claim that i have no superhuman abilities you asumed that i said that i can focus my chi into doing the claimed "imposible" also i cannot prove anything unless i was face to face with you other wise i cannot and besides i say i can do some things that people do not understand what they do not understand they claim has "evil or fear it" and the superhuman does what is completley imposible or it would not be "super" i do what people did not know can be done big diference
  21. Nov 21, 2003 #20
    Re: The Claim

    A little punctuation would be helpful, Wolf. :smile:

    Anyway, something "super" just has to be miraculous, not impossible. In fact, if it were impossible, then it wouldn't happen. A miracle, OTOH, is what was previously considered impossible, but proved not to be.
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