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Reality and nothingness?

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    Hi everybody

    If we assume that all we observe and see and touch (ie. the universe) was 'real', not illusion, what would there be if this "reality" didn't exist? The first thing that pop up to my mind is 'nothingness', but do we really know what nothingness means? is it just a dark place without all the things that we observe today, no sounds, nothing?

    Maybe my brain is trying to fool me into thinking that the concept of reality and nothingness exist. What do you people think? I want to hear your opinion on this.

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    Try just perceiving reality without thinking about it?

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    Well the truth is that nothingness is all that really exists as all reality is an illusion. Reality is just god dreaming. All reality and us are just a figment in gods mind.
    But to answer what you said about if this reality wasnt hear then all that would exist is nothingness but along with it potential reality.
    What i mean is this. You cant have nothing without everthing.

    Without everything (infinite number of possibilities) there is no such thing as nothing. Thats what yin and yang mean.Dark (nothing) in light (everything) and vice versa so if there were no reality there would just be nothingness which is like you said just no things happening at all but there would allways be an infinite number of possibilites (everything) that could potentialy create reality.
    Does this help???
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    Ok, first off, the universe is not limitless, second off, the universe is not an illusion (nothing) cause if it were nothing, nothing would be, but this site is being, so it is something. Even an illusion is something, cause nothing would have no characteristics to it, nothing to it, but illusions have something to them, even if this site is an illusion, I can see the colors, making it something.
    Thirdly, the universe can't be an illusion, again cause if the universe was an illusion, and you lived within this illusion, it would make it a reality withen an illusion, which contradicts the notion of illusion, so it can't be an illusion in the first place.
    Just to clarify why the universe can't be limitless, that is because the universe is stranded on physical law, I can't begin to fly instintaniously with out any objects out side my body, I would have to use a plane or space ship etc, hence there are limits to the universe.
    Thirdly, nothing doesn't exist, as soon as it exists it becomes something.
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    Yes you are right that reality is an illusion but that illusion does exist so the illusion is half real so yes you are correct about that. Just as when you dream the places you see arnt actually there but at the same time they are kind of real.
    Secondly I also agree about the limitations of the universe but I think the universe is limitless as well as limited. For example the universe is limitless in that there are an inifnite number of numbers all the way to inifinity but at the same time its limited in that there is no number greater than infinity. So it is both limitless and limited even though that is paradoxical.
    Finaly nothing does exist as if it didnt you couldnt even talk about it could you?
    You see the universe is very paradoxical in nature. That which does not exists,exists.
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    Ghost Notes

    I do not know if any of you ever played with musicians, but I bumped into a wonderful phenomenon while playing in a band; ghost notes. The guitarist of the band asked me if I heard a certain note in his repetitive melody, and quickly played just the one note. Indeed, I had heard him play that note within the melody. Then he went back to the melody and I could again clearly hear the note he had just played.

    Much to my surprise he said that he did not play that one note but said that it was nevertheless audible; a ghost note. He slowed down and indeed the note was clearly not played, and with speeding up I could hear it again. Was it the combination of the waves of the other notes, or was it my imagination, or something else?

    I write this in respect to nothingness, because I feel that the trickery of our senses is more responsible for us thinking that something exists when in reality nothing is there.

    While staring at a red dot on a white piece of paper for thirty seconds and then blowing the red dot away while continuing to stare at the white paper, everyone will see a green dot appear on the paper for just a few moments. Real? No, of course not. Our visual sense was overwhelmed with information and the quick removal of the red dot delivered the opposite image, as if a green dot was now in place. We can be easily fooled.

    But do not take me as a person who does not believe in nothing because I do. There are many nothings I highly respect: the nothing of separation for instance, when parents divorce and declare their previous bond a mere nothing. Or the separation caused by someone's death. Less invasive are the zeroes in the binary language; they are basically essential nothings because without them the binary system wouldn't function.

    I write more about the actual nothing (no, not about nothingness): I claim that nothing is a fundamental necessity for the existence of our universe. Without nothing, our universe could not have come into being. If you wish you can read it for free at

    I also contributed in another forum:

    which is dedicated (though there is more) to finding the theory of everything.
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