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Reality of Space time

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    Is Space time having a actual reality or is it just a mathematical concept to calculate the coordinates of a point in space?
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    What is supposed to be an "actual reality"?
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    If the answer to a question cannot affect any quantitative prediction about the result of some experiment... Then the question is not a science question.
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    Space exists. Time exists. Therefore space-time exists.
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    Spacetime is not concerned with just the coordinates of points in space but rather with the coordinates of events in both space and time. If you use an Inertial Reference Frame (IRF) as defined by Special Relativity, then you can assign three coordinates of space and one coordinate of time to every event. Then you can use the Lorentz Transformation to see what those four coordinates will be in another IRF, moving at some speed with respect to the first IRF. This is purely a mathematical process but it correctly corresponds to the characteristics of the universe we live in. If we do not include time in our coordinate system and use just coordinates of space, then we will not be able to correctly describe the characteristics of our universe.
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