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*really* basic cgi help

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    I'm trying to run a cgi script written in python. Everything is on my own computer. And when I say basic, I really mean basic. It's nothing more then a simple "hello world" statement. I've configured the document root to the right folder "c:/programfiles/apache2". And the url is "localhost:8080/cgi-bin/example.cgi"
    But for some reason or another, I just cannot get it to run. It always tells me 403 forbidden error thing, telling me I don't have permission to access that directory on the server. and I have adjusted the security settings to be able to access the file the conventional way (file--> open). Is there some kind of security measure I don't know about? Please help.
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    I've never tried Apache in Windows, but this might provide some clues:


    Other things to check (I'm just guessing here) would be that you can get at Python proper, not just the script itself. IE, your webserver needs to be able to have access to the Python executable AND the script that you're running (plus any other libraries).

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    Doesn't seem to be working. I can't find the #ScriptInterpreterSource Registry line in the configuration file. Also, I don't really have a database like SQL. Are those strictly necessary?
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