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Really bright

  1. Jul 1, 2010 #1
    Saw a reaalllyy bright star-looking object in the sky tonight

    after looking online, I'm thinking it was Venus. That what all the articles online are leading me to believe.

    so... Has anyone else seen it? it looks amazing to be honest. I really wish I had a telescope.
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  3. Jul 1, 2010 #2
    Venus is very amazing. Watching it go through the phases is stunning! Unfortunately the image is heavily distorted from heat rising in the atmosphere, so I have not gotten a real good look at it so far.

    Being able to catch Venus and Mercury a month or two ago was one of the highlights so far of my year.
  4. Jul 6, 2010 #3
    yes i did see it as well...especially on the 4th of July (American independence day) despite all the fireworks, Venus outshone all of it.
  5. Jul 6, 2010 #4
    Jupiter is also starting to poke its head up late at night in my area. Jupiter is also extremely bright, and you can get some excellent views of it with a moderately sized telescope.
  6. Jul 6, 2010 #5
    oh how i wish i could get out there late at night if it weren't for those darn bobcats!
  7. Jul 6, 2010 #6
    For a while, Venus, Regulus, Jupiter, and Mars were aligned here in Florida. It looked great at dusk.

    I'm surprised you could see so much on Independence day. All I could see were my drunk neighbors' bottle rockets.
  8. Jul 7, 2010 #7
    The 4th was the first night I was actually able to see the milky way from my house. All of the street lights were turned off, and I was just able to make out the upper portion of the milky way. With Binocs the view is spectacular!
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