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Really Funny videos

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    I think I've had to watch a real safety video with that first scene in it! I wonder if that came from the same one where someone slits their wrist (or something like that) while trying to scrape a label off a bottle with a razor. You would not believe the things I've been tortured with in the name of safety training!

    For fire safety training, I had to watch an old news clip done by Dr. Frank Fields on CBS about what a house fire really looks like when a Christmas tree catches fire. After watching that, the only question I had for the person doing the training was, "So, why are all the lit exit signs up near the ceiling where they'll be immediately obscured by the smoke in case of real fire?" Really, I think they need to be down at ground level. Not that I could find my way out of my building in an emergency if I wasn't starting from my lab/office anyway...the building is practically a maze (ask Russ, he's visited), and I can get lost just finding a new room on a good day!
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    That's the most hilarious thing I ever saw. I remember that first video from my chem labs. :D

    Also, LoL@ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqtypLQLqMg&feature=related . I really needed that "INCORRECT" there to help me figure that out. :p
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    I wish I had a video to watch. All we have is a piece of paper with what to do and what not to do =(. Video would have been more fun.
    I didn't see the one where they cut themself with the razor by accident. I bet it was funny though. My school's pretty small but it get's confusing if your not in the main halls so to speak.
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    Jesus Christ!
    the last one really frighful
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    Re: funny asian candid camera

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    This is just plain wrong. Some people.

    John McCain video.

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