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Really good (and rigorous) electronics text?

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    I took two semesters of circuit analysis, two semesters of electronics, two semeters of digital electronics, a semester of optoelectronics, and a semester of solid state electronics. I have a pretty strong background in solid state electronics, opto, digital, and circuits, but I feel like my analog electronics background is weak particularly because I had adjunct professors for the courses, and they really taught the class from more of a practical (or technician's) standpoint. I feel like I lost a lot of rigor of the subject because of this. While the text we used Neaman's Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design, the course was not up to that leve lof rigor, and I really didn't use the textbook much. Also, I think there are better texts out there.

    Can someone recommend me a really good, and mathematically rigorous (yet intuitive) text (besides Art of Electronics). Thanks.
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