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Homework Help: Really Important homework take-home test thing

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    Hey all, I have an assignment for physics that was due two weeks ago and I'm getting really desperate. It's called the 'airline project'. Here's a link to the assignment. I want to know how to go about starting and doing it.

    http://www.fiz6qed.org/homework/tests/take3.htm [Broken]

    The percentages are.

    top one is 60, bottom is 40.
    then the speeds are 40, and bottom one is 60
    and cruising speed is 550mph

    I have to do KC to Indianapolis.
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    Hello Advil,

    Can you figure out how long it takes to get to Chicago if the windspeed is 40 mph?
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    You get started by doing the first thing you are asked to do : draw neat diagrams showing the 3 flight paths.

    To get any help here, you must show your own effort first. Please read the sticky at the top of this forum, or the second link in my signature line.
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    We have the vectors drawn out already. I only have to do one of the trips, and thats to Indianapolis, other people were assigned the other trips.

    To find the time do I just find the resultant vector of the two vectors.. one going straight to Indianapolis and one being the wind?
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    OK, the desired result is flying straight towards Indianapolis. Can you make a vector diagram showing this result as the sum of other things?
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