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Really looking for new light data

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    thanks for responding
    im am really looking for new light data
    id appreciate any links
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    Any details?
    Light data is rather vague.
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    c still constant/ any voids einstein theories

    i saw somewhere light was accelerated in a gas past the einstein velocity
    my friend and i both heard on the radio light had been also decelerated

    mathwise im in algebraville i read physics notions all year

    a lot of quantum theory

    got any data

    if these lightspeed changes occurred would they alter/invalidate einstein
    and any data with an immutable light constant
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    I doubt that light beyond c (that's what you mean, right?) thing. They have manage to use interference etc to push a signal over c, but that isn't exactly the same thing. An analogy to to swing a torch. If it was aimed at a wall a long way away, the spot on the wall would travel faster than the speed of light. But the light itself did not. So it is doubtful whether this can transfer any real information.

    As to below c... Well, that is in fact only the APPARENT speed of light. The process of refraction works because light travels apparently at different speeds in different mediums. So, only in a vacuum does it travel measurably at c. In other mediums, light travels at c in the "gaps" between particles, but time is lost in absorption/reemission when the light hits the particles, lowering the overall speed.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It is noteworthy here that the same principle that led to the faster than C experiments in the last few years also implies that the effect will hold for a single photon. This of course would mean that shadow effect arguments fail. To my knowledge this issue remains unresolved.
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    info on light experiments?

    would you have any links or databases you can send me to

    pertaining to light speed experimentation
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    I've recently read in a physics magazine that a light pulse was frozen to a hault by sending it through curtain gases at extremely low temperatures. I believe the low temperature gas state is called the Bose-einstein condensate.
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