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Homework Help: Really need help with projectice problems

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    A water balloon is thrown at 20m/s from the roof of a building 25m high at an angle of 30 degrees below horizontal. At what height above ground wil alloon strike side of another building 20m away from first? 6.9m

    A third baseman wishes to throw to first bas, 127 ft distant. His best trhrowing speed is 85 m/hr (g = -32 ft/s). If he throws horizontally 3 ft above the ground, how far from first base will it hit the ground? (1 mi/hr = 1.467 ft/s) 73 ft


    A rocket is launched form rest and moves in a straight line at 70 degrees above the horizontal with an accel of 46 m/s^2. After 30 s the engines shut off and the rocket free-falls back to earth in a parabolic path. Assume no air resistance.
    Find the time of flight. 309s
    What is max height. 10500 m
    What is distance from launch pad to impact point? 13900
    What velocity does rocket hit ground with? 1513 m/s @ -72 degrees

    ive tried them all and i just cant get the right answer. this is driving me crazy
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    It will be easier to find where you have gone wrong if you show us what you have done.
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