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Really need HELP

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    Really need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Can anyone help me solve these problems.

    The pictures are in the attachment.

    Q1) What is the Ek at the upper level
    b) What is the loss in Eg if the box goes from upper level to lower level

    c) What is the speed of the box at the lower level.

    d) What will the cofficent of friction be if the box stopped in 25m.

    Q2) a) What is the total resistance.
    b) What is the total current.

    Please help me I am really stuck thanks in advance.

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    Chi Meson

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    The attachment did not seem to go through. Try again.

    If you are by any chance sending from a MAC, you might have to add the ".jpg" (or whatever) to the end of the file name.
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    how do i know if i attatched it correctly i am using windows xp i do attatch it but it doesnot show.

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    it happened to me once try posting in next reply
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    See the diagrams on this website (http://lora_polly.tripod.com/)
    the upper one is for Q1 the second is for Q2.

    Thanks for helping
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