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Really simple question on % increase

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    If you had a sum of money and the question asks that you want a 500% increase, does that mean a yield of 5x the original sum of money or 6x?
    Someone told me it was 6x but didnt really explain why.
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    6x. Increase = add.
    If you had 500% of $10 you'd have $50. But if you increased $10 by 500% then you'd have $60 (because you're finding what 500% of X is and then adding the result to X).
    I hope this cleared it up for you :)
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    What you exactly want depends on the wording of your question or exercise. Without other information clearly described, Gr!dlOcK is correct. 500% increase means 5 TIMES initial amount.
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    That's not what I said. I said increase = 5x initial amount, plus initial amount. The increase itself is 5x, but then you have to add it on to the initial amount, making it 6x.

    For example: if you have $100, a 50% increase will give you $150, not $50.
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    Gr!dl0cK is correct...
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