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Really struggling in electronics -- What to do?

  1. Sep 3, 2014 #1
    Okay.Let me introduce myself.I am a first year undergrad CS student who has to study basic electronic course for one semester.As the title says,I am really falling behind in the course.Believe me,My lecturer doesn't teaches anything properly.She just write the horrifying formulae on the board without explaining the concepts involved in them.The course has already gone a great length and I am greatly confused. It's not that I don't study.I study a lot but I am really weak in electronics. SO PLEASE suggest me some some book/video series that might be able to help me get through the course.We are currently learning about BJTs and it's acting like a nightmare for me.Please suggest me some course/book/video to understand it first. Thanks in advance.Please help me.I need some suggestions badly.
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