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Homework Help: Really Stuck Help Me Please

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    The Question Reads: Discuss the propertoes of an alternating electromotive force with an angular frequency of 200 radians per seconf applied across to large circular plates of radius 0.10 m seperated by a distance of 0.01m. Describe the electric field E(t) between the plates assuming no charges and current are present there. What is the amplitude of the electric feild Em? What is the actual form of the electric field with the numbers between the plates E(t)?

    I was able to cacluate the area and the capacitance with ease but the next step I dont knwo what I would have to do im thinking I have to find the Magnetic Field because the next question relates to the Magnetic Field. Yet the question says that there is no current present and in order to find the magnetic field you need the current HELP ME!!!!!!!!1
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    They didn't give you the magnitude of the EMF?
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    Nope no EMF
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