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Realtivity drive:Is it really

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    Realtivity drive:Is it really possible?

    I saw this article:
    http://www.newscientisttech.com/article/mg19125681.400;jsessionid=IOBCJLIGJBPC?DCMP=ILC-OpenHouse&nsref=mg19125681.400INT [Broken]
    and here's his paper:
    Does this reallty work?
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    An aside... If Shawyer is correct, however, and his theory proven true by repeatable experimentation then this is a breakthrough.
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    It is being discussed in Skepticism and Debunking. Its a hoax. From the diagram of the device, it is evident that the radiation pressure is greater at one end of the device than the other, but the force is the same (remember to add the force on the sides) and the net force is zero.

    The device doesn't work - no matter what he says.
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    Ok lock this thread. I don't think there's really too much more to discuss.
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