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Rear Wheel Torque Equations

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    I found some differing equations on the internet than what I thought on how to arrive at the rear wheel torque value for Motorcycles, so I thought I had better ask here to make sure.
    One site said Rear Wheel Torque = Chain Tension X Tooth Count Ratio (front & rear sprockets)
    I was under the impression that the formula was:
    Rear Wheel Torque = Chain Tension X (Rear Sprocket Pitch Radius/Front Sprocket Pitch Radius)
    At first I thought both would work out the same but after measuring some things & doing the numbers there is quite a difference in the final outcome.

    Not sure now what to think?

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    You figure this out?
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    The answer is easy, since the pitch diameter and tooth count can both be used to find the reduction ratio:

    Rear Sprocket Pitch Radius / Front Sprocket Pitch Radius
    Rear Procket Tooth Count / Front Sprocket Tooth Count
    Tooth Count Ratio
    Pitch Radius Ratio
    Reduction Ratio
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    Hey don't give him all the answers.
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    Why not?

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