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Rearrange Doppler Equation

  1. May 23, 2015 #1
    So i know that the doppler equation is as follos;

    F(observed)= (Vsound + Vdetector) / (Vsound +- Vsource) x F(emitted)

    Does anyone know how to reaarange the equation to solve for the other variables?
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    You can solve algebraically for any of the quantities that you want. It's best do this after clarifying what signs you will be using in the top and bottom.

    $$f=\frac{v_s \pm v_d}{v_s \mp v_d}f_0$$

    Suppose that your quantities tell you to put a plus in the numerator and a minus in the denominator. Then you get:

    $$f=\frac{v_s +v_d}{v_s-v_d}f_0$$

    Then you can solve algebraically for whatever variable you'd like. It's easier to do this after defining your sign conventions in most cases, but won't make a difference in all of them.

    Are you trying to solve for a specific variable?

    edit-by the way, it's conventional to use a lowercase ##f## to signify frequency. An uppercase ##F## typically represents force.
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