Rearrangement under pressure

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particle rearrangement is the first stage in liquid phase sintering (LPS).

But i seldom find models about it, or the effect of external pressure on rearrangement.

pls give me some ref. or advice.



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I recommend the book Sintering Theory and Practice by Randall German. There was only one occasion when I refered to this book, but I found it quite useful then - and I know it has reasonably detailed discussions on LPS and pressure assisted sintering.
Thank you, Gokul,
I've read some chatpers about LPS in the book of German. But about pressure assisted sintering, it's details discussion, such as models of HP and HIP, not the rearrangement stage.

I find only one ref. about model of particle rearrangement, on JAP,1999, about SLS.

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