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Homework Help: Rearranging an equation

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data


    I want to solve this equation for


    How can I go about doing this properly? I can get vo/vs^2 -- but I'm confused as to getting just vo/vs

    Edit: Without it involving any kind of complex numbers, this is a transfer function.
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    Ray Vickson

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    If you just divide both sides by vs you are done. Why is that a problem?

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    vo/vs is a function of vs - there's no way to make it independent.
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    Because, there would still be a vs hanging around on the RHS of the equation.

    It doesn't matter now anyhow, this was part of a circuit analysis transfer function. It seems I have done my analysis wrong. Would have been interesting if it were possible though.

    Thanks for the responses.
  6. Oct 27, 2012 #5
    s is a complex variable in circuit analysis. You're sure you weren't looking for Vo/V (ie the s is *not* a subscript but a factor).
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