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Reason in Revolt - Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science

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    This book analyses how modern science and dialectics are interconnected, why nature works dialectically etc. When I first read the book, I was really astonished by dialecticalm materialism. If you never heard anything about dialectical materialism, it doesn´t matter, the book explains it so a six years old child understands it.

    I´m a new membmer here, but I´ve seen there were some long debates on time travel, logic, mathematics and other stuff on the boards. This is exactly what book deals with. So maybe you would be intereted to read it. You can read it for free on the link posted above, or buy it (also on the link posted above :D)...


    In Memory of Hannes Alfven

    Part One: Reason and Unreason


    Philosophy and Religion

    Dialectical Materialism

    Formal Logic and Dialectics

    Part Two: Time, Space and Motion

    Revolution in Physics

    Uncertainty and Idealism

    Relativity Theory

    The Arrow of Time

    The Big Bang

    Part Three: Life, Mind and Matter

    The Dialectics of Geology

    How Life Arose

    The Revolutionary Birth of Man

    The Genisis of Mind

    Marxism and Darwinism

    The Selfish Gene?

    Part Four: Order Out of Chaos

    Does Mathematics Reflect Reality?

    Chaos Theory

    The Theory of Knowledge

    Alienation and the Future of Humanity

    yours faithfully,
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    Marxist Philosophy is a littel passe' now isn't it? :)

    When he died, Engels was working on an application of "Dialectal Materialism" to science and mathematics. He published some of it in a paper title "Anti-Duhring" (essentially an attempted rebuttal of another author).

    The quality of his science and mathematics can be seen in his criticism that much of mathematics depends on "accidental" properties of the numeration system: That "8" is even in base 10 but odd in base 5! (Apparently just because in base 5 it is written "13". That's NOT the definition of "even" that mathematicians use!)
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    Hey HallsofIvy,

    I wouldn´t say he tried to apply Dialectical materialism to science, he rather tried to show how nature is dialectical, but in anti-duhring we don´t have a lot of it, he wrote more about that in Dialectics of Nature.

    Reason in Revolt is some kind of modern version of Dialectics of Nature, it tries to explain how nature is dialectical with modern science and its modern achivements, while also arguing against idealistic interpretations in science and creationism.

    Its not political, so you can´t be brainwashed :D. My friend studies mathematics and he was being told on university that "mathematics has nothing to do with nature" among other modern positivist illusions, then I gave him this book and he was really grateful after he read it....you might wanna check it out if you want, a lot of questions you pose in this philosophy forum are answered there, so maybe it would be interesting even for you...

    Well, what can I say, read the book and see it for yourself. :D In any case, after dialectical materialism no new, really genuine philosophy appeared.

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