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Reason of reciprocal space

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    Hello !
    I have read several threads on this topic but I don't seem to fully understand the reason for using the reciprocal space in crystallography .
    Can anyone please provide more information on this subject ?
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    Because crystallography in reciprocal space is actually a lot easier..

    Bragg's law in reciprocal space reads:


    That is all. It does not get any simpler than that.

    Q is the different between the incident and scattered beam's wave vectors

    G is a reciprocal space vector, G= H a* + K b* + L c*. No messy dividing by square roots to determine d-spacings etc.

    All the factors that contribute to the intensities of Bragg peaks also depend on variables in reciprocal space, like form factors, structure factors, etc.
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    :) That was nice !
    By the way M Quack you give great help here. Thank you !
    Awesome forum !
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    my pleasure.
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