Reason to believe vs no reason to doubt

What's your pick

  1. I have a reason to believe

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  2. I have no reason to doubt

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  1. ddr

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    I don't quite support the American expression:"We have a reason to believe" cause I don't think it's enough.What's your pick:

    -I have a reason to believe?

    -I have no reason to doubt?
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  3. Another God

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    I am not sure I get what you are talking about, but I voted "I have a reason to Believe" because I am taking it as a larger concept, and therefore it is much more important to me to have a reason to believe in something, than to have no reason to doubt it.

    I mean, I have no reason to doubt a whole miriad of things...but why should I believe in any of them unless there is some reason?

    In other words: Why make stuff up?
  4. My gut reaction was that there was no choice for 'I have no reason to believe'. Without more context, I for one, won't understand what you're getting at.
  5. DDR at least give some detail on what the heck you're talking about.
  6. ddr

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    My point was:

    If I have a reason to belive then I have minimum one reason to believe.If I have no reason to doubt then I have minimum all the reasons to believe.The expression "I have no reasons to doubt" is much wider and more general and it incorporates the expression "I have a reason to believe" in its self.
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