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Reasoning capacity and Tribalism

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    Please help me understand. I have pondered this before but recent events have brought it up again and I don't really know how to ask this question so...

    Do peoples of the world that have a more primitive goverenance, such as tribalism, have an inherently diminished capacity for reasoning? If so or not, why? If not, could it be that the availability of educational opportunities dosen't exist or could it be due to eons of repression, assimilation and/or acculturation? Could it be that these societies tend to be in more underdeveloped regions and have a more subsistence based economy and therefore are more concerned with surviving and learning to survive rather than finding out what is "out there"? Is there more than one answer or is it just because?

    Thank you in advance for your replies.
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    This is a very interesting topic you have created, Echo 6 Sierra.

    When you speak of ‘primitive governance’ a certain amount of subjectivity could find it’s way into the conversation. Tribalism is appealed to by all governmental systems, especially in times of war. It becomes ‘us’ against ‘them’ and the ‘them’ are nearly always dehumanized and given derogatory names.
    The last half of your post is perhaps worthy of a thread all it’s own and I will not comment on it at this time.
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    No. Similar response to "are the citizens of dictatorship stupid" etc etc. Why not? Because primitive or whatever do not equate to worse. Indeed, there is no such thing as an universal superiority in terms of governments. Rather, governments either fit the cultural and social surroundings well, or not so well. If it is not so well, they fall and we get one that does. Governments, even if they are a dictatorship, do represent their nation. No tyranny, however vile, can survive, nay be formed without at least passive consent from the majority. No new government can form and last without the preparedness of the people. Rather, tribal groups are suited well to the small hunter-gatherer societies we speak of - indeed, democracy may not work well at all in that context. And we have no evidence of diminished reasoning. In many ways, these people enjoy a healthier lifestyle than we do.

    Well, it can be a factor but maybe not a major one. Education? Well, generalised education did not appeal until a hundred years ago. RAA? No, since the europe that dominated the world for thousands of years received perhaps the lion's share of repression, assimilation and acculturation. Modern society is formed on blood. Perhaps even the opposite is true.

    I do not think it was shown that these people have such a hand to mouth existence. Rather, they may not simply be aware that there is an "out there" to discover. Religion can take a bit of blame, as can perhaps too long a period of peace leading to stagnation? There is no incentive to go out and explore, if your parents and grandparents and great-grandparents all enjoyed a comfortable existence staying put...

    There is always more than one answer. Indeed, there is an infinite number of answers. It varies in what degree they are true...:wink:
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    I suggest you read an ethnography done on a tribal society. If you need to search, I suggest going to a local college, and looking into the anthropology section.
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    Thanks Boulderhead.

    FZ+: My eyes have been opened even more. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that believes that Democracy is not the answer to all the worlds problems.

    GG: I have a Fed. Repository across the street from my house, I don't know why I never thought of that, thank you. Also, I have family in Folsom, nice place.
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