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Reasons on food

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    why do we feel good when we get our hands on some food? maybe a few scientific reasons like energy, survival, etc. but im really wanting to know why we psycologically want food? this is in relation to the dog in Pavlov's conditioning experiments
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    Because it's yummy and fun! There's such an eclectic variety of stuff to eat that no matter who you are there's probably lots of things you like. The mind wants stuff that makes it happy, it must be crankin' out the hapiness neurotransmitters, maybe as part of a rewards system. Brusselsprouts and cowchip crunch could even make you happy, (if you were REALLY hungry) because survival is still the #1 mental motivation. As far as the dog, it's basically the same, but perhaps a higher percentage is driven by enjoyment (dogs are hedonistic sons of b|tches).
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    Relating it to evolution and survival of the fittest: Would a species be able to survive if it felt bad every time it ate? The same thing can be said with sex. A species would not reproduce if sex made it feel awful.
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    come to think of it, everything we feel is directly related to surviving..

    pain = :(
    eat = :)
    sex = :)
    painful sex = :) :( :) :(
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    haha awesome replies! thanks
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