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Rebates SUCK

  1. Oct 30, 2015 #1
    I just went through the trauma of cashing in on my rebates on 3 products on my computer build, and my conclusion is that it's not worth the ten or twenty bucks you get back. In fact, I'm considering having a couple of my boys go down to El Paso Texas to collect on these rebates. Seeing as Texas and Arizona is where these shysters hang out.

    So, I'll give you the details later, but tell me your rebate Halloween horror stories!
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    Rebates are notorious for being difficult. It's really just a marketing tactic because often they are so difficult most people buy the product for the rebate and then never end up following through. I just bought the Nest thermostat because my power company offers a $100 rebate. I need to fill out a bunch of forms, upload some receipt scans and then my rebate should arrive in 10 weeks lol.
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