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Rebelious matrix commutivity

  1. Nov 4, 2009 #1
    hey i was just thinking how matrices aren't supposed to be commutative?
    well i was just thinking, what if the matricees were equal? and i was like ha! im so cool! take that mr logic.
    so yea, so far i have a couple rebelious matricees
    a*b where a=1 by 1 and b= 1 by 1
    a*b where na=b
    a*b where a^n=b
    a*b where a= identity
    a*b where na=b and a = identity
    a*b where a = null
    a*b where a= mutliple of identity and b= multiple of mirrored identity

    so, my questiono is this, can you help me be a good little poindexter and come up with a couple others?
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    Consider what happens if B = A + xI (for some real number x, I being the identity matrix) and if A and B are diagonal matrices.
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    Both A and B symmetric.
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