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Rec letters for summer REU's

  1. Oct 26, 2011 #1

    I am currently looking at applying to some summer REU's. My problem in doing so comes down to letters of recommendation. I don't feel like I really know any of my teachers too well, although I have received A grades in most of their classes. The few teachers I feel like I know pretty well are from the community college I transferred from and taught calc 2 and physics 2.

    Would it look best to have rec letters from professors at my current university that teach higher levels courses over professors I know better at my former community college? Would the fact that I know my cc professors better outweigh this?

    I also just started a research position two weeks ago. I would like to ask the professor I am doing research under for a rec letter but he has only known me about two weeks now... So I imagine it would be hard for him to judge me. The problem is I need these letters by december, so maybe I should wait a little while then ask? If that were the case he would have very little time to complete it..

    Also any advice on getting to know professors more (besides talking to them outside of class) would be very much appreciated!

    Edit - Also some REU's don't explicitly state my rec letter must be from a professor. I tutored for my universities academic resource center for over a year. Would a rec letter from my former boss look good since I've known her for so long?

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