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    I have to do an assembly on recieving to 15 year olds this friday.
    the title of the assembly is Receiving and Relationships.

    Has anyone got any ideas on what i can do, to make it as interesting and fun as possible?

    i would also like some quotes or philosophy i could use to end the assembly with about receiving in relationships or receiving the gift of generosity.

    also thought of what you think receiving in a realtionship is.

    thank you for your help.
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    I'm not sure at all what you mean by receiving in a relationship. Do you mean something in the context of giving and receiving? If so, why on earth would you need to teach kids in the "give me" generation about receiving?
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    Not sure what you mean by recieving. Actually i ahve no idea.
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    Forgive me the incoherence, but it's late. Here are some thoughts:

    Depending on how academic you want to be, you could discuss self-disclosure, cognitive/behavioral/affective interdependence, views of self and the partner and their interconnection, health issues of relationships and then of course; sex (a subject of giggles, regardless of way of presentation?). Sex in context of relationships, restricted/unrestricted sexual attitudes, etc. Perhaps a thought on different levels of relationships; friends, relatives, family, lovers, etc. and the unique receiving of each?

    And while I have no experience of 15year olds, I suppose they have a quite mature sense of humour. Even my figureskating pupils (10 years old) laugh to my jokes... No, uhh... Wait! What does that say about my matureness? :bugeye:

    I can't think of any interesting philosophical quotes, but here is an old study from my social psychology text book: "The more college roommate like each other, the fewer colds and flu outbrags they suffer (Goleman, 1992)." However interesting that is...
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    I assumed that ruby_duby meant recieving, as in what you can learn, experience, gain (and give) in a relationship, but I may have missunderstood... Doesn't it make sense to anyone else?
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    :eek: :shy: o:) :!!) :confused:

    R E C E I V E

    Note: Proofreading hint: Check writing to make sure did not leave a out.

    Spell Rule: I before E, except after C.

    The Universe is full of energy, Holograms, photons.
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    :uhh: Isn't receiving the passive part? It seems it would be more useful to talk about the giving or sharing end of things, if that's really what that means. I've never heard anyone talk about giving an entire assembly on receiving before. I dunno, is this supposed to be about remembering to write your thank-you notes when your grandmother sends you ugly, hand-knit socks for your birthday? :biggrin:
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    'Giving and Relationships' doesn't have that cool, alliterative effect.
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    True, but it's not much of a relationship if you're just receiving. Then again, if you're only giving it's not much of a relationship either. I vote for the sharing bit.
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    Those ugly hand knit socks may be very warm and won't show in you boots. They are definitively worth a note. Perhaps that's the lesson? :biggrin:

    I mean, you'll still have to remember the passive part (in which case it becomes active? :uhh: ). Perhaps a too passive attitude towards receiving (Thanks, freep2! :)) is just one step away from taking the relationship as self evident? The evolution could also have taken these 15 years olds to the "I got!"-generation already. But then again, an entire assembly, with the message, "notice what you've got" is somewhat overkill (if not even christian overkill). So, yeah I second sharing, as well.
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