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Complaint Recent infractions

  1. Apr 25, 2013 #1
    Dear moderators,

    I've been a law abiding and rule following member of this forum for quite some time.

    Recently, today actually, another one of my threads was pulled down by Vela who accused me of not following the rules.

    I posted my question as well as a fully written out and neat solution. Instead of providing me with feedback on what rule I've broken or what I should do to improve he took down my thread.

    Luckily I'd already received my answer. What purpose does this serve ? He can't be bothered to help me follow the rules and he has the audacity to prevent me from learning by binning my thread.

    Why ? What purpose does this serve ?

    This hasn't been the first time this has happened.

    The last time he pulled my thread down on the derivation of the beat frequency. A derivation requires some previous knowledge of the concepts. It's not something you can be expected to know partly.

    I clearly stated in the thread I knew that it was against the rules to just post a question without workings and all I wanted for was a nudge in the right direction and that I hoped the moderators would understand my intentions.

    Instead he simply pulls it down again. What is the point of this ?

    Do you know how frustrating it is when I as a student have a horrible lecturer and now the very place I look for help shuts its doors on me because it has no ability to think on an emotive and human level ?

    I would like to appeal these infractions as of now.
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    Since you chose to discuss your infraction here in the open, rather than contacting the specific Mentor.....

    No, you haven't. You had earned a warning as far back as in Dec. 2010, and continue to do so till now.

    No, you didn't. The two threads that Vela warned you about were posted without ANY shown attempts. This is after you were repeatedly warned that you must show at least something that you know. You simply cannot say that I don't know where to start, because you have to know SOMETHING to get to that point!

    The fact is that you have done this repeatedly!

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    Elemis please use a report thread or private message to discuss this matter further.
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